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Strategies to help people find their way in buildings

January 5, 2011

Getting lost in buildings


From Current Directions in Psychological Science

Seattle Central Library opened to great critical acclaim for its bold and impressive architectural design yet despite ample signs it is common for visitors to admit to getting lost inside. This is a regular experience in many buildings particularly libraries, hospitals and shopping malls. This article examines contributing factors and identifies: the spatial structure of the building, the cognitive maps that users construct as they navigate, and the strategies and spatial abilities of the building users. The article argues that an integrated framework is needed to deal with the issue. The authors put forward an illustrated analysis and conclude further work needs to be conducted within a proposed integrative framework to understand how the factors discussed interact.


Attorneys briefs have the ability to influence Supreme Court opinions and consequently the law

January 4, 2011

The Supreme Court and Opinion Content: The Influence of Parties’ Brief

From Political Research Quarterly

It is argued in this paper that there are reasons to believe that parties’ briefs can influence Supreme Court opinions. Attorneys are trained to write persuasively and are told that judges will use the briefs to justify and explain decisions. Recent evidence shows that justices are influenced by the quality and persuasiveness of legal argumentation. The author utilized plagiarism software to compare the language of the briefs and of the judge’s opinions to demonstrate there is a connection.


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