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Opening the debate about Rushdie’s legacy ‘The Satanic Verses’

October 23, 2012

Online Special Issue: The Satanic Verses

From The Journal of Commonwealth Literature

Joseph Anton, the new memoir by Salman Rushdie  was published with great fanfare and to mixed critical reception in September 2012. Its publication has led to an outpouring of reflections by Rushdie, his supporters, and opponents on the Satanic Verses affair, its long aftermath, and Rushdie’s literary merits (or otherwise). In this online special issue a selection of the best articles past and present, have been collated. In doing so, it is hoped textual weight and complexity is offered to the discussion, especially given that the novel itself often gets lost in debates about the fatwa, freedom of speech versus offence, and so on.

Whether positive or negative, taken together or individually, these articles open up the debate about Rushdie’s legacy, The Satanic Verses as a serious work of art, and the issue of religious groups protesting against creative works. This has continuing relevance today, as we are reminded by the recent violence caused by the (itself violently Islamophobic) film Innocence of Muslims.


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