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100 cities ranked according to greenhouse gas emissions

February 1, 2011

Cities and greenhouse gas emissions: moving forward

From Environment and Urbanization

This study examines greenhouse gas emissions for over 100 cities in 33 countries and suggests 28 policy tools that city governments can use to take action on climate change. It looks at who produces the most, and urges a new look at cities and climate change. This paper finds not only variations between countries but within countries and even within cities. Lifestyles and consumption patterns are key drivers of greenhouse gas emissions .“This paper reminds us that it is the world’s wealthiest cities and their wealthiest inhabitants that are to blame for unsustainable levels of greenhouse gas emissions, not cities in general,” says Dr David Satterthwaite, Journal Editor. “Most cities in Africa, Asia and Latin America have low emissions per person. The challenge for them is to keep these emissions low even as their wealth grows.”


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