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Who is winning the battle to control the internet?

December 28, 2012

From Index on Censorship

A diverse landscape for open debate, creativity and innovation, the digital world has in many ways been a gift for free expression. A place for spreading news quickly and information-sharing, for highlighting the most profound violations of human rights, it transforms how we communicate. It’s also, of course, ripe territory for censorship, widespread offence and illegal activity.

While government representatives gathered at the World Conference on Information Technology (WCIT) to argue over the future of internet governance, this issue of Index on Censorship magazine, Digital Frontiers asks: who is winning the battle to control the internet?


Are WikiLeaks revelations an essential method of holding the US government to account?

April 6, 2011

The urge to classify

From Index on Censorship

Are revelations by WikiLeaks one of the few means of holding the government to account? When Barack Obama took office as president he identified transparency as one of the highest priorities on his agenda for change. The author of this article suggests that the president’s early promises remain unfulfilled, the US government has failed to deliver on its commitment to openness. The overclassification of information and the failure of transparency laws to operate in an effective manner both contribute to an environment in which unauthorised disclosures – like those from WikiLeaks – are more likely to occur. Some will argue until we have more openness information leaks particularly facilitated and well circulated by the internet provide an important method for combating government secrecy.


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