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Does Google push the most popular content rather than act as a neutral tool?

January 19, 2011

Search engines and the production of academic knowledge

International Journal of Cultural Studies

Surveys prove that students performing topic searches for scholarly papers overwhelmingly choose search engines, rather than library-based research discovery networks, as their preferred starting-point. Are they getting the best and most relevant information? This article argues that search engines in general, and Google Scholar in particular, have become significant co-producers of academic knowledge. Academic users therefore need to raise their awareness of exactly how search engines operate, to ensure it is quality and not just popularity that drive their selection of sources.


Measuring the ideal parent

June 18, 2010

Defining and Measuring Parenting for Educational Success: A Critical Discourse Analysis of the Parent Education Profile

From American Educational Research Journal

To gain access to federal funding, family literacy and adult education programs are required to demonstrate evidence that participants have made gains on standardized educational tests. The Parent Education Profile (PEP) is one test now adopted across many states to measure parenting practices. However, this article highlights some of the flaws in having a single standard, which makes assumptions about the ideal parent based on values of wealth and class.

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