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Links between alcohol consumption, our perception of others and increased levels of aggression

January 12, 2011

Effects of acute alcohol consumption on the perception of eye gaze direction

From Journal of Psychopharmacology

This article explores the link between alcohol and increased aggression by assessing differences in how people look at others. The study uses a gaze perception task to monitor the response of participants to stimulus faces to gauge if they felt they were looking towards or away from them. It observed how such perception may change with the amount of alcohol consumed. This study also considers the gender differences between such perceptions. The findings suggest that alcohol consumption does influence how people perceive social situations; these effects may have important implications for alcohol related violence.


Are internet daters more likely to lie about themselves?

December 14, 2010

Strategic misrepresentation in online dating: The effects of gender, self-monitoring, and personality traits


From Journal of Social and Personal Relationships 

Internet dating is a growing trend, but can we trust the information that people provide about themselves via online dating services? The researchers in this study investigated over 5000 individuals dating online, using surveys that included questions on personality traits such as openness, extroversion, education and income. The surveys also investigated the important trait of self monitoring, to capture how people present themselves to others. Findings reveal those who scored highly on this trait were more likely to misinterpret themselves.

There were little differences between the sexes, however women were more likely to fib about their weight, whereas men were more prone to tell white lies on other subjects, such as how many previous partners they had had. Overall people looking for romance online actually behave very much as they do in face to face dating and relationships,


Captured by true crime: Why women are drawn to tales of rape, murder, and serial killers

May 28, 2010

From Social Psychological and Personality Science

Men are more likely to commit crimes and are responsible for 90% of all murders so why are women more drawn to true crime books than men? Researchers reveal that women fear becoming the victim of a crime more so than men and are often compelled to this literature with the aim of being alert to warning signs and learning strategies to prevent or survive a real life crime.  This sex difference in fear is interesting because actually men are more likely than women to be the victim. The article considers some of the reasons for this heightened fear among women and recognises that the pursuit for survival tips from these books can in itself contribute to greater fear of such crime.

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