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How media obsession fuels public fascination with the ‘Yorkshire Ripper’ yet leaves other serial killers to serve their time as almost unknowns

January 18, 2011

When serial killers go unseen: The case of Trevor Joseph Hardy

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UK headlines last week highlighted news regarding the denied plea of the ‘Yorkshire Ripper’ and confirmation he will spend all his life behind bars. This serial killer always sparks huge public interest. The article examines the differences in the way serial killers are represented in the British media and considers how the public fascination for killers such as the ‘Ripper’ is fueled by the media, yet other serial killers like Trevor Hardy are almost unknown. The argument is that since the 60’s the British media have  become addicted to portraying serial killers, making them a media event, shaping public responses based on what and how they report and therefore what they dictated as most newsworthy.


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